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Steel Shredder #3 Results

Congratulations to all who took part!
An exciting end to this event, and a wonderful 12mm x 13" bend by David Wigren to take the title.
Congrats to Don Cummings for getting second place with his fast 248k bar.
Medals will be sent to 3rd Aldo, 4th Arpad and 5th Reuben.

Event: Braced Bend – 14-8" 'Spike' Style Bar Bending (Rated steel)

Open Class results (31 competitors, 10 countries)
1 David Wigren (Sweden) - 252k [12mm x 13" Steel - batch 16.2.18]
2 Don Cummings (USA) - 248k in 14s [10mm x 8" Steel - batch 16.2.18]
3 Aldo Alberico (Italy) - 248k in 34s [10mm x 8" Steel - batch 16.2.18]
4 Arpad Nagy (Hungary) - 248k in 38s [10mm x 8" Steel - batch 16.2.18]
5 Reuben Hughes (Wales) - 248k in 52s [10mm x 8" Steel - batch 16.2.18]

Juha Lehtimaki (Finland) - 237k in 29s
Michael Rogowski (USA) - 229k
Simon Stewart (Denmark) - 228k
Zsolt Hornyak (Hungary) - 203k
Sirko Petermann (Austria) - 203k
Kevin Collen (USA) - 203k
Jess Burchill (USA) - 199k
Steffen Knaak (Germany) - 186k
Daniel Strauss (England) - 178k
David Mitti (USA) - 175k
Graeme Cunningham (England) - 157k
Elizabeth Horne (England) - 157k (Female)
David Ooi (England) - 136k
Patricia Luxner (Austria) - 104k (Female)
Danton Briggs (England) - 95k
Lucy Horne (England) - 86k (Female junior)
Jonathan Mertz (Germany) - 40k (junior)
Sally Horne (England) - 38k (Female junior)

Women's Class (6 competitors)
1 Elizabeth Horne (England) - 157k
2 Patricia Luxner (Austria) - 104k
3 Lucy Horne (England) - 86k (Female junior)
Sally Horne (England) - 38k (Female junior)

Junior Class (4 competitors)
1 Lucy Horne (England) - 86k (Female junior age 11)
2 Jonathan Mertz (Germany) - 40k (junior age 5)
3 Sally Horne (England) - 38k (Female junior age 6)


Zsolt Hornyak (Hungary)
Elizabeth Horne (England) - Female
Daniel Strauss (England)
Kevin Collen (USA)
Graeme Cunningham (England)
Adam Cunningham (England) - Junior (age 14)
Sirko Petermann (Austria)
Patricia Luxner (Austria) - Female
David Mitti (USA)
Steffen Knaak (Germany)
Petra Volak (Germany) - Female (age 57)
Juha Lehtimaki (Finland)
Reuben Hughes (Wales)
Simon Stewart (Denmark)
Saraphina Stewart (Denmark) - Female junior (age 4)
Lucy Horne (England) - Female junior (age 11)
Sally Horne (England) - Female junior (age 6)
Phil Clegg (England)
Danton Briggs (England)
Don Cummings (USA)
John Harrison (England)
David Ooi (England)
Gary Furlong (England)
Arpad Nagy (Hungary)
Michael Rogowski (USA)
Aldo Alberico (Italy)
Jan Heller (Germany)
Carl-August Mertz (Germany)
Jonathan Mertz (Germany) - Junior (age 5)
Jess Burchill (USA)
Lee Cummings (England)
David Wigren (Sweden)